Friday, 24 June 2016

Edward F.Panos, Business Adviser

For nearly two decades, Edward F. Panos has been a business consultant who specializes in corporate structuring, restructuring and earn outs, but who also deals with mergers and acquisitions and corporate branding. These specialties have led him to be a major part of the founding of several companies. Among these is Bridges360, LLC., which is a performance fund that deals with bridge financing for publicly traded companies. He is also a co-founder of Language Access Network, Inc., a video interpretation company for the medical industry.

Edward Panos’ love of the independent film industry led him to found the Indie Film Funding, Inc., which uses a crowd-funding platform to raise money for independent film makers. In addition, eight years ago Edward started his own firm, Panos Industries, LLC, which focuses on investments in high growth, small-cap companies and helping them build.

Of course, there is a lot more to Edward Panos than simply being able to help businesses make money. He has also developed a good reputation as a philanthropist with a penchant for helping those who are homeless and those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Edward currently lives in Park City, Utah with his beautiful wife and his two daughters.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Entrepreneur Edward Panos

Edward Panos is a family man residing in Salt Lake City, UT with his two daughters and beautiful wife.  They inspire him to continue serving others and finding needs that he can fill.  In addition to his impeccable work ethic, he is also is an avid philanthropist.  He has dedicated his personal time to helping the less fortunate, homeless, and those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Edward F. Panos is also a venture capitalist, business/fund consultant and startup entrepreneur with 19 plus years industry experience including eight years working at Panos Industries, LLC, the firm he founded.  Before beginning his many business ventures, he attended the University of Montana, and remains an alumni member of the Sigma Chi fraternal organization.  It was at the university that Panos really developed a love for innovation and now has built a primary focus of investing in and building high growth, small capital companies.  In his years as a business consultant, Panos has become an expert in business development specializing in corporate structure, corporate restructuring and earn outs, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate branding.

Edward Panos has co-founded many other companies including Bridges360, LLC.  Bridges360, LLC is an alternative performance fund that is designed for bridge financing for publicly traded companies.  He also founded Language Access Network, Inc., which is a video interpretation company focused specifically on the medical industry.  In addition to these, Panos also founded Indie Films Funding, Inc.  This company is a crowdfunding platform focused solely on raising money for indie films and the indie film industry through its website

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Small Cap Market And The 2016 Presidential Election

Ed Panos believes that the next president of the United States will play a crucial role in helping to guide the country through the economic minefield we are now tip-toeing through. It could coincide with either a major economic rebirth or another crippling recession. It is an issue that will have drastic affects on the small cap sector either way—whether the outcome is good or bad. As the co-founder of Bridges360 as well as one of the managing partners of the company. Bridges360 is an alternative performance fund that specializes in bridge funding for the small cap market. To put it lightly, Edward F. Panos has strong opinions on the next election and what it means for his industry.

Edward Panos has almost twenty years of experience in the business world, working as a venture capitalist and start-up entrepreneur. This includes more than eight years running his own firm, Panos Industries LLC. Through this firm, Edward F. Panos has ben able to invest in and build high growth, small-cap companies.

Edward F. Panos has founded or co-founded a number of companies. This includes a video interpretation company focused on the medical industry called Language Access Network Inc., a crowdfunding platform focused on raising money for the independent movie industry called Indie Film Funding, and the alternative performance fund—Bridges360.